What We Do

At CrossFit Coventry we are unlike any typical gym. We don’t have rows of stationary bikes and resistance machines. Instead you will find pull-up bars, kettlebells, barbells, gymnastic rings and a wide open space for squatting, running, jumping, climbing, lifting and throwing – moving your body the way it is meant to be moved. It means that all your workouts will be comprised of exercises that mimic movements performed in day-to-day life and sports.

We don’t have the unsociable awkward atmosphere of a typical gym – instead you will find a friendly, welcoming environment where after your first session you will know everyone’s name and want to keep coming back again and again, not just to improve your fitness, but for the social aspect of the gym. Our goal is to build a strong community, with regular social events, team workouts and competitions where we all encourage each other and keep each other motivated to achieve our fitness goals.

As well as the scheduled CrossFit classes we also provide various instructional workshops including Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, Kettlebell training, rope climbing, gymnastics and nutritional advice.

We also have open gym slots every day allowing you to come and train however you like, if you already have a training regime you want to stick to, or simply work on a specific area or weakness.

We can also provide training for sports teams, for example, a pre-season S&C programme for a rugby or football team, as well as personal training sessions for individuals and small groups.

CF Cov Coaches

Ryan Wells Head Coach

Head Coach Ryan Wells

  • Nickname: Welzy
  • Occupation: CrossFit Coach and Personal Trainer
  • Favourite Food: Peanut Butter
  • Favourite WOD: Nasty Girls
  • Least Favourite WOD: Fran

After serving over 7 years in the Royal Marines Ryan decided to leave the military to pursue his dream of opening up CrossFit Coventry.

Before joining the Marines Ryan studied Sports therapy, and exercise sciences at Coventry University whilst played Rugby for Leicester Tigers Academy.

During his time in the marines Ryan completed several courses on Olympic lifting, Kettlebells, strength and conditioning and personal training.

Ryan also represented the Marines, Navy and Combined services at Rugby Union.

He was tasked in his last few years in the Marines with conducting all the physical training for his squadron while on base and on operations in Afghanistan.

This is where he was first introduced to CrossFit by some American Marines.

On returning home he completed his CrossFit level 1 course and started introducing the CrossFit methodology into his military training with great results.

Ryan goes to Nando’s way too much and eats a strict Paleo diet, as long as Ben and Jerry’s is Paleo.


  • CrossFit level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit level 2 Trainer
  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
  • CrossFit Mobility Trainer
  • Master Personal Trainer Level 3
  • Sports Nutritionist level 3
  • British Weightlifting Association Certified
  • EKI Kettlebell instructor
  • KBT level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • HND Sports Exercise and Therapy Sciences
  • Community Sports Leader award
  • Award in Coaching studies (Sports Coach UK)
  • First Aid at work
  • First Person on Scene, and emergency trauma skill (BTEC level 2)
Coach Simon Hall

Coach Simon Hall

  • Nickname: Sim
  • Occupation: Fire Fighter and CrossFit Coach
  • Favourite Food: Pizza
  • Favourite WOD: The Chief
  • Least Favourite WOD: Elizabeth

Sim has been taking part in CrossFit since the beginning of 2012, and since starting CrossFit Sim has lost over 2 stone!

As a fire fighter fitness is very important to Sim and he finds the fitness and functional movements of CrossFit help him with his work.

Sim has been playing rugby since he was 7 and represented his district and county at colts’ level. He has also represented the British Fire Service against the British Police; however he recently stopped playing rugby due to family commitments and now just focuses on CrossFit.

Sim has a competitive nature and intends to compete in CrossFit and is looking to enter many throw downs and competitions within the next couple of years.

He has previous coaching experience with rugby and now as a CrossFit level 1 coach we are very confident he will be a priceless asset to the coaching staff here a CrossFit Coventry.

Sim is a family man and lives in Nuneaton with his wife Anne and 1 year old daughter Molly. Sim follows the outlaw way strength program and eats a mainly Paleo diet.


  • CrossFit level 1 Trainer
  • British Weight Lifting Association Certified
  • First aid at work
  • FPOS (first person on scene)
Coach Sam Barber

Coach Sam Barber

  • Nickname: Sammy B
  • Occupation: Commercial Bee Keeper and CrossFit Coach
  • Favourite Food: Bacon
  • Favourite WOD: Lumberjack 20
  • Least Favourite WOD: Chelsea

Sam discovered CrossFit in 2011 and loved it. At this time, Crossfit Coventry had not opened and Sam had to utilise local strength and conditioning facilities to train. He travelled around the Midlands to different affiliates at every possible opportunity to learn the movements of CrossFit. This dedication and love of the sport lead Sam to become a Level 1 trainer in May 2013.

Sam is very hard working and always trying to push himself and others to become better athletes. With a keen coaches eye Sam loves to help develop others with strong technique at the heart of his training.

CrossFit aside, Sam runs his families bee farm which is one of the largest producers of honey in Warwickshire. As well as this they breed / sell honey bees and run large pollination contracts. Sam’s honey is available to buy in the gym.


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer
  • KBT level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • British Weight Lifting Association Certified
Coach Allison White

Coach Allison White

  • Nickname: Alli
  • Occupation: Assistant Manager, CrossFit Coach
  • Favourite food: Ice Cream
  • Favourite WOD: DT
  • Least Favourite: Isabel

Alli found cf after turning 40 in 2012 and was immediately hooked. She had spent many years before that training solely for aesthetics using a bodybuilding style of training and diet plus many many hours of cardio. Fitness became a passion and she learnt as much as she could. Cf’s focus on overall health, strength and functional fitness really struck a cord and she feels she is now healthier, stronger and fitter than she ever was even in her 20’s! She’s also doing things she never dreamed possible thanks to cf. As a coach she hopes to help others also achieve their goals.

Alli has competed as a master athlete in many competitions even entering her 1st comp only a few months after starting cf.

Alli is a single mum of 2 who juggles home and work life while still managing to be dedicated to her cf training and coaching.


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Alex Sinclair

  • Nickname: Al
  • Occupation: Crossfit Coach and Personal Trainer
  • Favourite food: Pizza
  • Favourite WOD: DT
  • Least Favourite: Cindy

Prior to being a coach at Crossfit Coventry, Alex was a Royal Marine for 6 years; a profession where staying in shape is a necessity. The importance of fitness as a soldier lead him to discover Crossfit in 2012, and soon found that he was not nearly as fit or strong as he first thought.

Initially Alex had to travel all over the midlands to gyms in the local area, but when Crossfit Coventry opened up, he immediately joined and could be found attending classes with every bit of spare time he got.

His desire to learn more led him to attend a Crossfit Level 1 course, Crossfit Gymnastics course and British Weightlifting course prior to leaving the Marines and working as a Coach at Crossfit Coventry, where he enjoys helping people to move better, be fitter and achieve their goals.


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • British Weight Lifting Association Certified